We got five pinball machines spread out in the bar and tempt all to turn their hands, or wrists should we say, to become the pinball wizard of our time. One regular client has already achieved some impressive high scores which we feel is hard to be beaten but since we constantly change our machines, there are always opportunities to get your name up in lights.
The Pipeline is graced with two Pool tables, perfectly positioned to concentrate on the game on hand.
The jukebox is the pulse of The Pipeline, when we're open the speakers pound out punk, rock, ska, lo-fi, psychobilly, elvis metal, trash, old-wave and reggae. The following is a partial list of the bands currently featured:
The Clash, ACDC, New York Dolls, Motörhead, The Misfits, The Hellacopters, Black Flag, Mötley Crüe, Ramones, Black Sabbath, The Cramps, and many more...

Drink - Shoot - Hang - Play

Music, pool, pinball, darts, hot chicks, bums, punks, hipsters, bohemians, rockabilly greasers and regular joes. Passers by and stereotypes kicking back away from the madding crowds. Always expect the unexpected.

Owned independently by the happiest Swede in London, the Pipeline has Nordic influences but you have to look carefully to find them. Our prized jukebox includes Volbeat, Ebba Grön, Turbonegro and Sielun Veljet. The cream of Nordic music!

Active chaotic, with a backdrop of the best selection of rock photos, a rock sanctuary for the brave and foolish, with the cleanest khazis in town (if you puke you clean), suitable for pimps and pin-ups. A bar furnished with the unusual and out of the ordinary drinks in town, supreme shots from the Nordic region (yes, some are pretty nasty), the finest non-formulaic beer selection and if you drink any other whiskey aside from JD then we offer you a cool mix of single malts. Come, pull up a stool, drink and be merry.

Guaranteed to be techno free, from time to time extremely unprofessional rock DJs (apply within) can come and be heard via their own CD collections.

Want to know more? Don't bust our balls. All you need to know is that we are at 94 Middlesex, E1, a hop, skip and a jump from Liverpool Street station.

Wondered why we called it The Pipeline? The owner is a massive New York Dolls fan and Johnny Thunders version of the popular 60s song "Pipeline" feels like a good name for a rockbar. Agree? That song has been the anthem for many good times, got a cool riff and makes us believe that RocknRoll never dies. - follow this link to watch it »